Vegan Tomato Sandwich

Of course a tomato sandwich is vegan.I made a vegan potato “mayonnaise” to replace that evil egg and oil one that I have loved in the past. I always used “Dukes” mayo with a little mustard and tons of fresh pepper on fresh white bread. But now that I need to take better care of myself, it’s all plant based for me. I made the potato mayo by, boiling a few potatoes until very tender and then mashing with almond milk-or whatever plant milk you have, spoon in a little garlic powder, some salt, Braggs vinegar to taste, some Mrs. Dash jalapeno seasoning and since I was making some Gin and tonics I threw in the extra lime juice I had . It is really just a thin, spicy and tangy mash potato spread but works. Just adjust and add to your liking. Spread it thick on some Dave’s Killer bread with some thick slice tomato and romaine lettuce, better make two, your gonna eat them. Take a really bad photo of the results and post it….