Everyone must go to the Universal Love Vegan Cafe

Everyone must go too the Universal Love Vegan Cafe.  When I get there , my blood pressure drops about 15 points. I am instantly in no hurry and all is good.  The people working there just draw you into their very easy going serenity. Simple vegan offerings perfectly prepared and I embarrass myself devouring the over-sized portions. My favorite time is Sunday brunch, no real reason food wise, it just seems the peacefulness is amplified. They are under new management recently and this tranquil atmosphere was passed along seamlessly. If I lived closer I would probably eat here weekly-at the very least ,

4622 N main st
Columbia, South Carolina

only limited by a belief  in eating my own cooking as an exercise in mindfulness and healthy life extension. I know I am stressing the atmosphere over the food, the food is beautifully prepared, very little oil if any is used, thoughtfully considered healthy menu is the best description. A place of Universal Love would care that they feed me well and they do.

The Reizod Vegan Experience

Collard wraps with sauteed sweet potatoes, garbanzo beans, black beans and vegan cheese. Reizod’s Vegan Experience. 110 Columbia NE Drive near the entrance to the Spring Valley subdivision on Two Notch Road

I like? this place?   We have eaten here a few times and I Like? it? The food is very good, some things are unexpected -and very good? I keep questioning my experience while continuing to come back. They do not serve tea, but have very sweet juices, (which are good, but I do not want juice for dinner). So I always get the infused water. They have an enormous menu– sometimes and then they do not. It is always interesting, they had beyond burgers and I thought that I would give the fake burger a try. While waiting I was thinking that I really did not want to eat a bun, buns just seem excessive to me, so I planned to just take the top off and eat the rest with a fork. The Burger arrives on toasted what look’s like Dave’s Killer Bread-at first I was kind of reminded of when I was a kid and Mom would say hotdogs tonight!! and then we would get them served on sliced white bread..so disappointing. But Beyond burger with all the burger accoutrement on 2 slices of Dave’s Killer Bread+toasted equals “Damn Good.” And as I said an unexpected flourish. The Reizod Vegan Experience is an experience, so have you ever been experienced? I have.